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Foundation Grants Make an Impact

August 31, 2018

Kids Cancer Care received a $100,000 grant for much needed improvements at Camp Kindle as one of the three major gifts in celebration of the Foundation’s 30 anniversary in 2017.

The accessibility and landscape improvement project for easy access for kids with mobility constraints.

Camp Kindle sits on 160 acres and includes several lodges and dorms, a music hall, tipi village, hiking trails, a pool, activity centre, a challenge course, baseball diamond, ranch house, reflection garden, dining hall and staff village.

During the summer months, Camp Kindle is a home away from home for approximately 500 campers registered to be part of this amazing experience. Approximately 120 staff and volunteers work at Camp Kindle during the 5 weeks of camp

Parents can be rest assured that their child will not only be well cared for, but they make new friends, develop new skills and have exciting stories about “What I did this summer”.

The upgrade project began in the fall of 2017 and continued through to the spring. In June, a team of CREB® volunteers worked on a storage shed in preparation for the summer campers. This storage shed will house the teen campers’ belongings while they enjoy bunking in cozy quarters at Sunseeker Cabin.

With much anticipation, members of the Foundation’s board had the honor of touring Camp Kindle on Aug. 17. Although it was a cool and rainy day, the laughter and voices of the kids could be heard throughout the camp.

The camp’s new improvements include beautiful walkways joining the BBQ area by the Remington Barn and the ATCO Activity Centre. A pergola was also constructed on Cohyn’s Corner, which overlooks Kindle Pond for a full view of the camp and a great place for quiet reflection.

Across the pond is Mikey’s Campfire, an area, where campers roast marshmallows and sing campfire songs. This area now has a solid foundation and evenly laid bricks which makes this area easily accessible for everyone.

After touring the camp, board members joined the kids for a BBQ and dished out the biggest bowls of ice cream possible!

“Camp Kindle is a remarkable place surrounded by an energy you can physically feel from the moment you enter. An energy of pure happiness, hope, excitement, and support. The staff and volunteers are all such incredible individuals who have a clear passion of encouraging and allowing these amazing kids to just be kids.” said Sharon Bercuson, President Elect.

Camp Kindle is now safer, more accessible and more beautiful for campers of all ages thanks to CREB® Charitable Foundation.