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Linda Crnkovic

Made by Momma

Nourishment , support and baby essentials. What's missing in those simple words is the profound impact these have on the families that we help.

We know that moms desperately try to be strong for their families.They don't want to need help, but sometimes they just can't carry their burden alone. MADE BY MOMMA fills important needs during these times of crisis. Challenges such as post-partum depression, serious illness, babes in the NICU, loss of a spouse or child, or situations of abuse; our volunteer team is always available to nourish and to nurture.

We provide healthy meals, baby essentials and supportive in-home visitors to allow mothers the time they need to rest, recover and focus on their families and their health.

MADE BY MOMMA is a 100% volunteer-run grassroots charity. Founded in 2010, we're now a network of over 500 volunteers who believe that wholesome nutrition and support is a vital part of a healthy family, especially during life's more challenging phases. Over the last two years, the need for our services has more than doubled. In 2016 we provided 73,249 servings of meals, baked goods and delivered over 10,147 hampers.

There are so many life stories we can share from experience – happy, sad and sometimes tragically unfair. There's the suddenly single father with a five-day-old newborn and a two year old whose wife passed away just hours after giving birth.There's a mother of three kids; aged one, two and four years of age whose husband was senselessly murdered. Or the new mother side-swiped by a devastating brain cancer diagnosis and given just two weeks to live.

These are just a few of the families we've supported this year.

There are no check boxes on any forms for these families to fill out to receive the help they need. They are the ones that often fall through the cracks. MADE BY MOMMA strives to create the village it takes to raise a family and our success stories show that we're getting it right.

With your vote, we invite you to become part of our village.