REALTORS® serving Calgary and area

In their everyday line of work, REALTORS® are faced with a number of potentially high-risk situations, which include working alone, at night and in remote or unfamiliar locations. 

In 2012, CREB®, in conjunction with a member-comprised task force, worked to address safety concerns and adopted the Lobbybox Program from an innovative system active in Victoria, BC.

In the Lobbybox Program, to provide a more secure experience for showings, a centralized lockbox for building access is placed in a well-lit, safe location, usually in the front entrance or lobby. 

The program reduces the risk of unwanted access, enhances safety for REALTORS® and clients and also helps preserve building aesthetics by eliminating the need for numerous lockboxes in high-visibility areas.

There is no financial commitment for condo associations or boards who wish to participate in the program.

For more information and to sign up for the program, contact Frank Ventura, Member Support Manager, at 403-781-1392 or