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With a good understanding of property types, you can now expand your information search and drill down on specific data within each segment. 

Reference the following to pinpoint key release dates for market statistics that matter to you.

Release dates for CREB® statistics

Product report: The Monthly Statistics Package(s) for the City of Calgary and Calgary Region

  • What it offers: The latest housing market activity from the previous month across urban and rural jurisdictions.
  • Release date: The first business day of every month

Product report: City of Calgary Community Statistics

  • What if offers: Specific data on Calgary’s eight districts and the communities within those districts.
  • Release date: The second business day of every month

Product report: The Economic Outlook & Regional Housing Market Forecast

  • What if offers: A comprehensive look at key economic indicators that influence housing within CREB®’s region boundaries, from energy prices to employment and population trends.

  • Release date: Twice annually—once at the beginning of the year (typically the second week in January) and again around the mid-point (July/August).

Product report: CREB® Daily Housing Summary

  • What if offers: A daily update on regional market activity, including sales, pricing and inventory.

  • Release date: Information is updated daily on

Data Limitations

CREB® statistics are based on data acquired from members only. In some instances, a larger proportion of transactions may be completed by real estate professionals who are not registered CREB® members, which means for those specific areas our reports may not reflect all the resale activity, impacting trends for a given area/jurisdiction within CREB®’s region boundary. 

CREB® reporting criteria

CREB®’s aggregated housing statistics require more than 10 sales (of last three years) for an area or community to be reported on. (If there isn’t a sufficient amount of data for a given area, we don’t report that information in our statistics. 

*Area and community exclusions are reviewed on an annual basis.