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July 27, 2015 | CREBNow

Planners go big

Big data key to improving traffic flow, say officials

Big data is becoming a big deal when it comes to city traffic planning.

In April, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced a specialized team to analyze the movement of traffic to help alleviate his city's ongoing gridlock problem.

Traffic planners will look at data collected from GPS signatures pulled from smartphones and other electronic devices to figure out how traffic moves around Toronto.

Other cities such as Amsterdam, Stockholm and Barcelona are already using big data to help ease congestion on their streets, and Tory said Toronto is eager to join the ranks of what he calls 'Smart' cities.

Out West, Calgary has been using data to analyze traffic habits for the past four years.

City of Calgary cemeteries superintendent Gary Daudlin believes cemeteries are valuable-but-often-overlooked green spaces within the city. Photo by Wil Andruschak/For CREB®Now

July 24, 2015 | CREBNow

Calgary's cities of the dead

Plans for a new cemetery in the southeast aims to bring burial into the 21st century, serving as more than just a repository for the departed

Stretching over rolling hills, a 65-hectare plot of land adjacent to Ralph Klein Park is an idyllic refuge from the frenetic energy of urban life.

Yet the parkland on the edge of Calgary's southeast quadrant is intended to be much more than a place to take the dog for a walk amongst spectacular mountain vistas. It's the site of the city's newest cemetery, the first to be constructed in more than 75 years.

Yet to be officially named, it represents a 21st century approach to death, aimed at making an important-but-often-underused public space in a rapidly growing urban environment into a vital hub for the communities it serves.

"It certainly will have a more multi-purpose use," said Jim Klimes, the lead architect for the City of Calgary on the project. "We don't want it cut off from society; we want it integrated into the community."

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