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Courtesy Anne-Marie Lurie

Dec. 22, 2017 | CREBNow

Pop the question

CREB®Now sat down with CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie to reflect on the housing market and Calgary real estate in 2017.

The supply of apartment units has risen substantially since last year. Photo by Jesse Yardley / For CREB®Now

April 13, 2017 | Joel Schlesinger

The Balancing Act

Calgary's housing market showing signs of stability, but the road to a full recovery will take time.

If Calgary's housing market was a hospital patient, it would have been in intensive care for the last year. Today, though, the patient is showing signs of serious recovery.

First quarter data for 2017 from the CREB®, released earlier this month, reveals the market could be entering a period of stability in which supply and demand are essentially balancing out in the detached sector of the market.

"When we talk about recovery, we have to differentiate the marketplace conditions because there are two segments facing different prospects," said Ann-Marie Lurie, chief economist with CREB®.

Todd Hirsch, chief economist with ATB Financial, is one of many industry experts saying Alberta‚Äôs economy is improving. Photo by Wil Andruschak / For CREB®Now

March 30, 2017 | CREBNow

Upward trend for Alberta's Economy


April 06, 2016 | Jamie Zachary

Luxury home sales rebound

Segment rallies as overall market continues to face challenges

Once considered out for the count, Calgary's luxury housing sector has seemingly rallied, posting a double-digit sales increase so far in 2016, according to new statistics.

Home sales in the city valued at more than $1 million totalled 118 over the first three months of the year – up more than 20 per cent from 98 during the same period last year. In March, $1-million-plus sales totalled 54, up from 49 in 2015.

This comes as CREB® released its most recent monthly housing summary, showing overall sales in the city this year have declined so far this year by nearly 10 per cent.

"While the $1-million-plus segment accounts for a small share of the activity, there has certainly been some improvement in sales over last year," said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie.
Developer Frank Kernick says the majority of buyers for his Spring Creek project in Canmore still come from Alberta. Photo by Michael Buckley.

April 06, 2016 | Cody Stuart

Westward Bound

Calgarians playing a role in driving home sales outside of the city

Founded largely by intrepid pioneers who ventured west on the then fledgling Canadian Pacific Railway, Calgary is now seeing another western excursion.

With home sales in the city facing downward pressure as a result of a weakening labour market, markets west of the city – small and large – are seeing increased activity, thanks in part to Calgarians continued urge to drive westward.

From as near as the Rocky Mountains to as far as the West Coast, Calgarians are being pointed to as contributing factors in real estate markets outside of the city.

As the developer behind Canmore's Spring Creek, a $38-million "active lifestyle community" for seniors, frank Kernick has seen the impact of Calgary buyers outside of the city.

"From the demand point of view, the last three months in Canmore have probably been the strongest January, February and March I've seen in 10 years," said Kernick.
ATB Financial chief economist Todd Hirsch. CREB®Now file photo

Sept. 09, 2015 | Cody Stuart

5 things about the economy: ATB's Todd Hirsch

ATB Financial chief economist Todd Hirsch recently spoke at CREB®  to outline some of his predictions for Alberta in 2016. During the talk, Hirsch discussed some causes for the current state of the provincial economy and factors that will need to change before Albertans see a rosier economic picture. CREB®Now examines some of the main talking points discussed during his visit.


Rather than simply pointing out the decline in the price of oil, Hirsch focused on the wages being earned by some Albertans as one of the factors affecting Alberta's current situation. Playing a massive role in province's employment picture, the average weekly earnings for Albertans had improved by 48 per cent over the last 10 years compared to 29 per cent nationally, with workers in the energy sector taking home 56 per cent more than a decade ago.

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