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April 25, 2014 | CREBNow

Morning news rundown

April 23, 2014 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

April 22, 2014 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

April 16, 2014 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

July 05, 2013 | CREBNow

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June 14, 2013 | CREBNow

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Morning News Rundown

Dec. 19, 2012 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

Dec. 17, 2012 | CREBNow

Canadian Coalition to Fight Grow Ops

A national coalition launched Nov. 30 is vowing to fight for safe and healthier neighbourhoods by advocating to prevent, detect and deter criminal acts related to marijuana grow ops and clandestine labs.

"I have been honoured to work with the RCMP in Ottawa on this new national body to address this serious issue of organized crime infiltrating our neighbourhoods across the country," said Calgary alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart whom the RCMP asked to help organize a summit for the body. "Collectively, we will form the National Council Against Marijuana Grow Operations and Clandestine Laboratories."

Nov. 30, 2012 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

Nov. 22, 2012 | Cody Stuart

Canadian Mayors Band Together in Pursuit of Better Funding

The mayors of Canada's biggest cities are pledging to match new federal and provincial government funding dollar for dollar in an attempt to procure more funding from the federal government.

Modernizing Canada's "crowded and rapidly-aging transportation networks" was cited as a major reason behind the need for increased funding.

According to the the 22-member big city mayors' caucus, one out of every four roads is congested, with 50 per cent in need immediate repair.

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