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The Harry Boothman Bridge. Photos, Cody Stuart / CREB®Now

March 05, 2018 | Tyler Difley

Bridging the gap

A crash course in Calgary bridges

Most Calgarians probably don't stop to think about the city's bridges every time they cross over them by car, by bike or on foot. However, many of these important structures have interesting backstories or architectural designs that make them special.
Max Foley / For CREB®Now

June 28, 2017 | Max Foley

Every dog has its day

Extensive system of dog parks makes Calgary a great place to be a canine

If someone told you that Calgary has more than 1,600 football fields worth of space dedicated to man's best friend, you might not believe them. But it's true – according to Todd Reichardt, manager of parks for the City of Calgary's centre city division, almost 20 per cent of Calgary's land inventory is allocated to off-leash dog parks.

"We have a real affinity for dog parks here in the city," said Reichardt. "We have over 150 off-leash sites. Compared with other [North American] cities of similar size, no one else even comes close."

That staggering statistic speaks volumes about communities around Calgary and their love for green spaces. City officials don't merely sprinkle off-leash areas around on a
whim – they're created once community demand reaches a certain level.

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