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Radon moves from the soil into homes through gaps or cracks in the foundation, pipes and drains. (Getty Images)

Radon tips for homeowners

Nov. 24, 2021 | CREBNow

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Jan. 24, 2013 | Cody Stuart

How to: Prevent Frozen Pipes

Every year in Calgary, there are an average of 400 water main breaks. With an average of 2.6 people per household, that's a whole lot of Calgarians who are going to be left with messy clean ups or even put out of their home due to broken pipes. With the water in Calgary's water distribution system measuring between 1 and 3 Celsius, it takes very little exposure to colder temperatures for it to freeze. That's why it is important to make sure your water service lines are not exposed to colder air during winter months. CREB® Now has compiled a few steps homeowners can take to lessen the risks of a broken water pipe in their home.

Jan. 21, 2013 | CREBNow

How To: Christmas Lights

The weather outside may be frightful but with a few simple steps you can be cozily ensconced in your home bedecked with colourful strings of Christmas lights during the long winter evenings.

The last two weeks of November signal Christmas light go-time for both DIY homeowners as well as companies that install lights such as Calgary's Bugaboo Landscaping Ltd.

Jan. 02, 2013 | CREBNow

Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or are all thumbs instead of a green thumb, you can grow fresh produce in the form of an indoor herb garden in just a few simple steps. With a little TLC, an indoor herb garden is easily maintained and provides your home with fresh greens even during the coldest winter months.

Dec. 17, 2012 | CREBNow

How To: Buy a Home

Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments a person can make. Before you make that leap, here's a few simple steps to make your home purchasing experience a smooth one.

Dec. 17, 2012 | CREBNow

How To: Prepare Your Home for Sale

Whether you're upsizing for an expanding family, downsizing for the golden years or just looking for a new place to call home; here's a few easy and affordable tips to make your house an eye-catching piece of real estate for potential buyers when it comes to selling.

Dec. 06, 2012 | Cody Stuart

Decking the Halls

Just as the seasons themselves change, for many homeowners, the arrival of winter signals it's time to start thinking about change inside the home. Aside from the obvious coniferous addition to your abode, there are some more subtle changes that can increase aesthetics and heighten holiday cheer.

"Decorating your house for Christmas for a lot of people is more than just putting up a Christmas tree," said Charlene Threatful, owner/design consultant at Calgary's Lush Interiors Inc.

Nov. 23, 2012 | Cody Stuart

Theft Proof Your Garage

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) is reminding residents to be mindful of home and vehicle security following a number of offences in the city's northwest. Since the beginning of October, offender(s) have committed approximately 25 offences targeting vehicles, garages and homes in the area. In the garage break and enters, offenders gained access through unlocked doors or they have stolen garage door openers from vehicles to gain access. In some cases, they have then gained entry to the home via the connecting door within the garage. Calgarians can help ensure their homes and garages are safe by taking the following steps:

Nov. 01, 2012 | CREBNow

How To: Prepare Your Car for Winter

Now that a blanket of white has covered the city — enough to enable the opening of several nearby ski hills — Calgarians are starting to utter that six letter word that some delight in and others dread: winter. For those who have one, your vehicle is an important tool in the winter season which you rely on to get you from point A to point B in wet, snowy and sometimes icy conditions. With a few simple steps, your car will be raring to go for winter, even if you aren't.

Oct. 24, 2012 | Cody Stuart

How To: Decorate for Halloween

Halloween - it's the one time of the year when homeowners purposely decrease the curb appeal of their homes. The one time when trimming the hedges and cleaning the clutter may actually increase the likelihood of people stopping in. But aside from procrastinating on that weekend yard work, there are a few things a homeowner can do to Halloween up their household to ensure all those little ghosts and ghouls don't take their trick or treating elsewhere.

Sept. 18, 2012 | CREBNow

Home Maintenance for Fall

Looking for tips to prepare your home for Autumn?

These are some quick and simple things that you should do in regards to home maintenance to ensure that you have a stress free Fall and a relaxing Winter and Spring.

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