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The City of Calgary will be auctioning off properties with more than three years outstanding tax arrears. CREB®Now file photo

March 24, 2016 | CREBNow

City to hold property tax sale

Properties in arrears up for grabs

The City of Calgary is hoping the prospect of having their home offered up to the highest bidder is enough to encourage a few Calgarians to catch up on their taxes.

Each year properties with more than three years outstanding tax arrears are offered for sale by the City of Calgary. Owners are notified a year in advance of the sale in hopes the owners will make an effort to catch up on any outstanding balance.

Currently, the list of properties stands at four pages, with properties deleted from the list as the outstanding taxes are paid.

Oct. 04, 2015 | Cody Stuart

5 things about Calgary's resilience budget

City council has approved what it's calling a 2016 Resilience Budget. Presented as part of adjustments to its operating budget for 2016-18, the resilience budget which will change what Calgarians will be paying for many City services.

CREB®Now takes a look at some of those changes:

1. $4.90
With a property tax hike originally pegged at 4.7 per cent when the City released its 2015-2018 Action Plan, the subsequent cut to 3.5 per cent will mean the average Calgarian will be shelling out $4.90 more per month rather than $6.75.

June 10, 2015 | CREBNow

Property taxes: a breakdown

How do property taxes work anyways?

Calgary's Smarter Growth Initiative - a collaboration between the Canadian Home Builders Association - Calgary Region and the Urban Development Institute - created an informational video to answer just that.

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