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A house in the snow.
A house in the snow.

Jan. 09, 2017 |

Ace your winter showings

Winter showings can be daunting. The cold, snow, slush and sleet dampen our spirits and make the easy feel impossible. But, don’t be discouraged—these quick steps can get your home in perfect selling condition in no time: 

1) Walk this way 

Dust off that shovel or snow blower to make a clean, walkable path for potential buyers. Create a trail from the street to your entrance way, so no one has to hurdle over any snow piles to get inside. Check your path regularly to make sure ice hasn’t formed. If so, make sure to remove it with an ice scraper or salt to avoid those slips.

2) Dress it up

Never underestimate the value of a good first impression. In this case, we mean your home’s exterior. Get rid of dead leaves and broken twigs, sweep off the steps and don’t be afraid of a little décor: A holiday wreathe can add a welcoming touch.

3) Preparation is key

This may seem obvious, but being prepared for visitors is the key to a successful showing. Leave space for them to hang their jackets and take off their winter boots. Hang up your parkas and move those clunky, wet snow boots to a dry area such as a closet or garage. 

4) Turn up the heat

Make your house nice and cozy. About 10 to 15 min before your showing, remember to make sure the thermostat is turned up a couple more degrees than normal. A buyer needs to imagine themselves at home before they will take the next step to make it their home. You want to give them every reason to never want to leave—and feeling warm and comfortable can really help.

5) Let there be light

There aren’t as many hours of daylight in the winter, so keep the lights on during showings. It makes the home look more attractive and it keeps buyers from fumbling for the light switch. A showing is all about the experience. You want every part of the home to look its best because you never know what room or specific feature will matter most to a particular buyer. A well-lit room could be the difference-maker, so brighten things up and make your next showing unforgettable.

Now let us ask you: What are your top tips for sprucing up your home during 

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