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Solar panels
Solar panels

Oct. 06, 2017 | CREB

Solar energy 101

Smart Home Series: Part 3 – Everything you need to know to go solar

Green Energy Futures’ new four-part Smart Home Series features videos, podcasts, blogs and photos that cover today’s high-profile areas in home efficiency.

Read the first blog post below and keep your eye open for more content from the Smart Home Series this fall!

St. Albert’s Ron Kube had never known anyone with a solar-powered home. Then, in 2014, he read a story in the paper about a household that installed a solar array. He was surprised to learn they were his former neighbours.

“In fact, the guy was Craig Dickie—he used to live across the street from us,” Kube recalls. “And I was so excited that I called up Craig and I said, ‘Can I come over to the house and see the solar system?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, sure, come on over.’”

The moment Kube saw the system, he was hooked.

Like many Albertans, Ron was waking up to a new and exciting realization. Solar power isn’t the future—it’s the present. It’s already a practical option for producing our own clean energy. Not only does it drastically reduce your carbon footprint—in the long run, it can save you money.

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The Smart Home series was created by for the Alberta Emerald Foundation with financial support from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation. 

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