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Jan. 03, 2017 |

Create a show-worthy home

Tidy, open spaces help potential buyers visualize your house as their home. But let’s face it, the task of keeping it in tip-top showing shape while you’re still living there can be super stressful.

Follow these quick cleaning tips to get your home SHOW-WORTHY in a flash. 

1) Purge the fridge

Not the inside, but the outside.  Declutter your fridge door for a surprisingly effective way to open up your kitchen. Place belongings in a drawer for the time being and make sure you give your fridge a good wipe down to get rid of unsightly smudges.

2) Hide the evidence

Most of us avoid laundry until it’s absolutely necessary, but this isn’t the time to procrastinate. Buyers don’t want to see your dirty laundry – literally, so pick up clothes and put them in a basket or hide them in your closet. This quick step can really change the optics of your home in a hurry, from yuck to yes please!

3) Trash it 

Your garbage that is. The site of fast food bags and old pop cans will flat out ruin your chances with most buyers. Take five minutes and do a quick lap around your home. Pick up any garbage and toss it before you show, like a mantra for the New Year. Your home will seem cleaner, fresher and you will feel so much more confident when the next showing time rolls around.

4) What your mother said every morning

Make your bed when you wake up, please. This is critical for room cleanliness and it takes less than two minutes—seriously, you know it’s true. Your throw pillows also look so much nicer when neatly placed on a fresh made bed and imagine how nice it’ll be to climb in after the day is over—call that a bonus reason to get after it.

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