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Jan. 14, 2021 | Tyler Difley

10 low-maintenance indoor plants to green up your home

If your home's interior is feeling a bit drab and lifeless, adding a handful of houseplants to the mix can make a world of difference. This is especially true during the winter, when a little bit of greenery inside can help you forget about the weather outside.

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Dec. 04, 2019 | Donna Balzer

December in the garden: Grow better in Calgary's southeast

If you are a Calgary gardener looking to find a better place to grow in the city, take a closer look at properties in the southeast.


April 04, 2018 | Donna Balzer

April in the garden

Five simple tips for new-home horticulture

What makes a new home your new home? When you plant petunias, of course – or tomatoes, or your grandma's old peony...

This month, we celebrate your new home garden with five simple tips for success:

Nov. 19, 2016 | Donna Balzer

A brave new world

Engineered gardening could help expand growing potential

newDonnawebYou likely don't think about light quality or intensity when you're crunching a carrot or raising a radish, so why should you care about Jack Zhang's newly engineered lights?

Because Zhang's new LED lights could help you grow your own super-efficient vertical farm in a kitchen nook, empty bedroom or spare closet.

Zhang, an electric engineer by trade, spoke to me about his newly imagined LED lights when the Lumenari Biosciences co-founder and CEO attended the Canwest Horticulture show in September. At that time, Zhang said his company was, "all about designing energy-efficient lighting systems for the horticulture industry."

Hiring a gardener is not the same as hiring a house cleaner, says 'No Guff Gardener' Donna Balzer.

June 30, 2016 | Donna Balzer

Get the right help in your garden

Finding a gardener that matches your mindset

newDonnawebMaybe you are getting your house ready for sale, expecting the in-laws to visit or you just brought home a new baby and now the shrubs are threatening to eat the front door. Either way, you need a gardener.

Hiring a gardener is not the same as hiring a house cleaner. Most indoor cleaning jobs follow an accepted system for removing dirt and fluffing pillows. They leave the home the same, but cleaner than before.

Outdoors, your personal style and sensitivity have to match the person you hire as a gardener because a garden evolves and changes over time. Your gardener has to be going in the same direction as you.

From left, Mary Lu Merritt and Marion Tompkins say they helped organize a herb garden at their Eau Claire condo in an effort to create a better sense of community and to 'get their hands dirty.' Photo by Michelle Hofer/For CREB®Now

Aug. 20, 2015 | Karin Klassen

Planting roots

Condo herb garden project sparks sense of community

If you want to know what's going on in your neighborhood, just lean over the fence and ask what's growing in the garden.

That's a British saying that's as true in a Kent country cottage as it is in a downtown Calgary condo.

But how do you find the space?

For Marion Tompkins, retired and living in an Eau Claire apartment tower, it meant re-imagining some under-utilized space right under her nose into a communal herb garden.

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