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Stories Tagged - First Time Homebuyer

Courtesy of Hyder Hassan

July 23, 2021 | Mario Toneguzzi

My First Home: Hyder Hassan, Immigrant Services Calgary CEO

To this day, whenever Hyder Hassan comes across a Subaru WRX STI sedan, he's reminded of the very first home he ever purchased.

Getty Images

Jan. 26, 2021 | Shameer Gaidhar

The sound of silence: understanding STC ratings can help homebuyers avoid noisy neighbours

Sound transmission class (STC) is the rating system used to measure a partition wall's ability to reduce the effect of airborne sound. A higher STC rating means less sound will make its way through the partition wall – sometimes called a party wall, common wall or shared wall – creating a quieter living space.
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Oct. 02, 2019 | Tyler Difley

The new First-Time Home Buyer Incentive by the numbers

The federal government's First-Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI) came into effect on Sept. 2, but many prospective homebuyers still have questions about how the new program could help them enter the market. The most important details of the program are as follows:

CREB®Now Archive

April 04, 2018 | Mario Toneguzzi

First-home stories from Calgary's business community

For many people, buying a first home is an exciting, but stressful, experience. CREB®Now spoke with a few members of Calgary's business community to find out what it was like making that first big investment in their lives.
Morning News Rundown

Sept. 29, 2014 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

Morning News Rundown

April 04, 2014 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

Morning News Rundown

April 02, 2014 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

March 26, 2014 | Cody Stuart

Getting A Foot In The Door

With the options for some first-time homebuyers growing more restricted, buyers are waiting a little longer or spending a little more to find the home of their dreams.

According to a new report from BMO, first time homebuyers in Calgary were more willing to increase their budget than anywhere else in Canada with 54 per cent of Calgarians prepared to spend more. As a result, buyers are also expanding their search to include a greater range of properties.
Morning News Rundown

Nov. 12, 2013 | CREBNow

Morning News Rundown

July 10, 2013 | CREBNow

An Interest in Homeownership

With an expected increase of Canada's overnight lending rate in 2014, first-time homebuyers will want to take notice of the escalating cost of borrowing when it comes to the purchase of a home.

For the most part, the Canadian overnight rate has remained at one per cent since September 2010 to counter world markets affected by recession. Some buyers may be expecting those low interest rates to last for a while. In a report released by BMO, one-third of firsttime buyers polled expect interest rates to stay the same over the next five years.

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