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April 17, 2013 | Cody Stuart

Closer Thank You'd Think

With prices that more than compete with those in the big city, while keeping amenities closer than many Calgary communities, Chestermere and Langdon offer an attractive package for prospective buyers.

Chestermere's status as "Alberta's Oasis" is evident in the number of homebuyers making the town home. Over the last decade, the population of Chestermere has more than tripled, rising from less than 4,000 residents in 2002 to 15,352 in 2012. According to CREB®, single-family sales in Chestermere were up slightly in March, increasing from 20 in 2012 to 24 in the same month of 2013. Yearto- date, the average single-family sales price in the town is $498,454, compared to $518,392 in Calgary.

Langdon has seen even stronger sales growth this year, with year-to-date single-family sales in the hamlet increasing from 18 in 2012 to 24 in 2013. While still offering plenty of affordability just outside of Chestermere, the average year-to-date single-family sales price in Langdon rose from $395,991 in March 2012 to $452,045 in the same month this year.

One obvious reason for the area's popularity lies in its proximity to its big city neighbor. Chestermere provides homebuyers with the attractive option of living relatively close to the big city – with downtown Calgary just a 20 minute drive away – combined with prices that offer more house for the money, not to mention easy access to the town's 291-hectare lake.

Dena Sendecki is one of those who took advantage of Chestermere's affordable prices when she and her family moved to the town 10 years ago.

"We were looking to build, and we found the lot sizes were bigger and for a better price than Calgary," she said. "A lot has changed. People would have different reasons now to want to move out here, but for us it was the small town feel, but yet close to the city."

While Calgary's eastward expansion has brought the city's outer limits closer to those of Chestermere, with the two now sharing a border, the opening of Stoney Trail in 2009 has also helped reduce commute times. According to Sendecki, whose work as a home stager often requires trips between Chestermere and Calgary, the road has cut her drive in half.

That's not to say however that living in Chestermere or Langdon and commuting to Calgary lessens any sense of community for those living in the town. On the contrary, Sendecki said the main appeal of calling Chestermere home still comes from the town's small town feel, which has maintained its presence despite Chestermere's continued development.

"The best thing is the sense of community," she said. "My girls have spent their entire childhoods here. We got to know other families through different events and activities our kids are involved in. My daughter is graduating this year and she has known all of her peers since they were very small."

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