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Winter Selling
Winter Selling

Feb. 02, 2023 |

Brrr: Tips to selling your home in the winter!

Each season has its benefits when it comes to listing a home, so how can you take advantage of the chilly temperatures?

What are the benefits of selling my home in winter?

Although tempting there are some great benefits to selling in the colder months such as less competition on the market. Additionally, buyers are often more serious about buying. If somebody is willing to travel through a Canadian winter to visit an open house, it is more than likely you have a serious buyer on your hands

What can I do to prep my house for sale in the winter? 

Each season has its benefits when it comes to listing a home, so how can you take advantage of the chilly temperatures?


Curb appeal is important in the winter too so when preparing your property be sure to:

  • Make sure all branches, cords, etc. are trimmed and put away.
  • Think of adding plants. Consider shrubs or ferns, just be sure they’re evergreen.
  • Clean up after your pets.

Clear driveways and paths and front entrances

Shoveling driveways and pathways ensures safety and removes buyers’ concerns about having to do it themselves. An alternative could be installing solar-powered lights or adding salt and sand to lower the risk of falls. 

Don’t forget the front entrance

You want your buyers to have a great first experience and one way to do that is to keep your entryway clutter free and clean from any weather debris that may get tracked in. Nothing can wreck a mood like stepping in a puddle of melted snow. 

Make sure your home is sealed properly

Look around doors and windows for gaps and drafts and check your weatherstripping.Then, if needed, make repair arrangements.

Create a warm and inviting space

Selling in the winter can be fun.Use the opportunity to create a welcoming and cozy vibe for your home whether that’s utilizing the fireplace, winter-scented candles, throws and rugs. 

Service your furnace

Having your furnace serviced will be a vote of confidence for the buyer – if they’re moving in winter, they don’t want to be worried about an old furnace they’ll have to replace before they unpack their first box.

Check the roof, gutters, and drains

Make sure all gutters and drains are clear of blockages. This way, when the snow melts, your home will be safe for both you and potential buyers.

Keep the heat on

If you have an open house or visits scheduled when you aren’t home, program the heat to turn on shortly before guests arrive. It’ll feel great for them after the cold outside air and you won’t have to worry about spending too much extra on heat.


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