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March 04, 2015 | CREBNow

Series: First impressions

Setting the Stage: Tips and tricks for making your house inviting for potential buyers or transforming it into the house of your dreams.

Tips for prepping our home to be sale-ready*

When selling a home, first impressions can be the difference between someone making an offer or moving on to the next option.

Home staging is one way of preparing your home for looking its best at sale time. A study by the Real Estate Staging Association found 79 per cent of homes staged prior to listing sold faster than homes being staged post-listing. In another survey conducted by Coldwell Banker, some staged homes sell six per cent above the asking price while spending less time in the market compared to un-staged homes.

A born and raised Calgarian, Elysse Bulloch has been staging homes in the area for more than six years and offered up some advice from her trade when it comes to making a sale.

"Declutter the home," she said. "I suggest my clients pack anything smaller than a soccer ball, as small items do not show well in photos. Try to keep all surfaces like night stands, dressers and counter tops clear of items."

Here are some other helpful tips from Bulloch when it comes to making your home sale ready:

• No family photos or diplomas. Buyers have a hard time seeing past you and envisioning themselves living in the space.

• Roll up any rugs located in the bathroom, front and back doors. Rugs distract the eyes resulting in the space appearing smaller than it actually is.

• The more floor you can show a buyer, the bigger the property will appear.

• Ensure everything in your home is in tip-top shape. Repair or replace anything that could be broken or damaged. Buyers will see unfixed items as a red flag and chip away at your asking price.

• Buyers only know what they see. If your home is being marketed as a three bedroom, make sure it shows as a three-bedroom.

• Open all the blinds and curtains to allow maximum sunlight into the property. This will make the property appear larger. As well, consider having the windows washed to allow more light into the space. Regardless of the price point, buyers are shopping and want the house that appears the largest. Ensure all light bulbs are working.

• Try to avoid using fragrances such as Glade or Febreze as we don't want buyers to think the scents are covering anything up.

* Photo by Julie Vincent Photography

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