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A couple with a child smiles while they shake hands, meeting a REALTOR®
A couple with a child smiles while they shake hands, meeting a REALTOR®

April 01, 2024 | CREB

Close with confidence: The gift of home protection

As a REALTOR®, your relationship with your client doesn’t end when you close on their dream home. It’s just the beginning of a long-term business partnership, that could span multiple decades and properties. 

The savvy REALTOR® knows the cherry on top of any successful transaction is a closing gift to the new buyer. Ready to make your impression? Introducing: Rümi home protection plans for REALTORS® and mortgage brokers.

Boost client relationships with Rümi’s one-year home protection plan 

Your client has a lot on their plate. Moving, unpacking, setting up home insurance, buying furniture and exploring their new space is, well, a lot. But excitement can turn to stress if things start breaking down around the house in the first year after a move.

Rümi 3

With Rümi home protection plans, you can take the stress of new homeownership away. Your clients get peace of mind that unexpected breakdowns on core home systems or appliances won’t derail their budget. Unlimited legal support and a year of virtual visits with a certified home inspector helps new homeowners stay on top of their to-do list, and homeowner rights, too!

How can a home protection plan help new home buyers?

Home protection plans protect homeowners from sudden and unexpected expenses. Like when your furnace goes kaput in the middle of winter.

Case in point: Sarah’s journey from dream home to nightmare

Sarah had been dreaming about owning her own home for years. Finally, the day had come. She signed the papers and moved into her cozy bungalow nestled in a quiet Calgary neighbourhood.

That night, she had friends over to celebrate and popped the bottle of wine her REALTOR® had given her as a welcome home gift. The first few days were a whirlwind of unpacking and settling in.

But one morning, she noticed a trail of ants marching across her kitchen counter. Brushing it off as a minor nuisance, she reached for some bug spray.

But it was just the beginning.

As the days passed, Sarah noticed more signs of critters lurking in her new home. Frustrated and worried, she contacted the previous owner, only to discover that they conveniently failed to disclose the pest issue.


Rümi 4


Feeling betrayed and overwhelmed, Sarah's stress peaked when a series of loud bangs echoed through the house, followed by a rush of water. A burst pipe flooded her basement, causing extensive damage to her newly unpacked belongings and the property itself.

Feeling helpless and unsure of what to do, Sarah paid the expenses out of pocket, totalling thousands of dollars.        

Alternate ending: The happy version

Sarah’s REALTOR® skipped the bottle of wine and instead gave her a Rümi Home Systems Protection Plan as a client closing gift. With the plan, Sarah's plumbing repairs were capped at a mere $50 deductible, saving her thousands. Luckily, her home insurance covered the basement damage too. 

Unsure of her rights, Sarah called the unlimited legal support hotline included in the plan. A lawyer informed her of her homeowner rights and helped Sarah navigate the legal complexities surrounding the undisclosed pest issue.

Grateful for the support and reassurance, Sarah could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that she was not alone in this homeownership journey. 

Peace of mind? Priceless.

Rümi has 3 protection plans to help you set your clients’ minds at ease:

  1. Home Systems Protection Plan

    Covers core home systems, including furnace, plumbing, hot water tank components, and heating and cooling systems. A great option for house buyers!

  2. Appliance Protection Plan

    Covers core home appliances, including refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer. A practical gift for house and condo buyers alike!

  3. Whole Home Protection Plan

Covers core home systems and appliances. The most comprehensive option for house buyers!

What's included

Each plan contains an essential suite of homeowner protection services:

  • Warranty: Sudden breakdown? Repairs are covered.
  • Unlimited legal support: Get in touch with a lawyer via phone for questions about owner rights, legal disputes and more.
  • Ask a Home Inspector Subscription — 12 months of virtual home inspections with a Certified Home Inspector.
  • Simple move-in: REALTORS® also get promo codes to offer $75 discounts on our essential moving bundle. Connect with our team here to receive your discount code.

What do the best closing gifts from REALTORS® have in common?

Rümi 1

A closing gift is your chance to connect with your client a final time before saying ‘so long, but not goodbye’. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a gift for a successful buyer.

The best client closing gifts from REALTORS®:

1. Show your client you understand them.

What keeps clients loyal to a REALTOR® for decades? It’s more than a good transaction. The savvy REALTOR® knows their clients: their needs, frustrations, challenges and trajectory in the market.

A home protection plan shows you understand real issues facing homeowners. Give the perfect solution, right when your client needs it most.

2. Provide genuine value.

Gift baskets are fleeting, and a fine bottle of wine lasts but a moment.

A Rümi home protection plan gives a new homeowner exactly what they need during the first year of homeownership: peace of mind, affordable home repairs, unlimited legal support by phone, and access to our Ask a Home Inspector service, too.

3. Create a positive memory.

The homebuying experience comes with highs and lows, excitement and anxiety. When your closing gift is a one-year home protection plan by Rümi, that positive impression lasts, well, a whole year!

Home Protection, backed by ATCO

Rümi is part of the ATCO family, offering essential home services by vetted pros. We partner with local service experts in Alberta communities to provide local support to homeowners. To date, Rümi helps homeowners with the heavy lifting by offering over 80 home services in Alberta.

Our Rümi home protection plans are a natural extension of our home services business. While the concept of protection plans in Canada is fairly new, our neighbours to the south rely on them for peace of mind and protection against sudden breakdowns in core home systems and appliances.

ATCO has been trusted in Albertan's homes for over 75 years. But homeownership is moving further out of reach for new home buyers. Rising costs hit new home buyers the hardest, making the first year difficult, even for the most prepared. Our innovative program can help make the transition to a new home easy, and worry-free. 

Delight your clients with a gift that keeps on giving 

Giving a memorable, impactful gift to your buyer ends your time together on a positive note. The more relevant the gift is to your client, the more memorable it will be. That great experience will keep your clients coming back for their next home purchase, and beyond!

A Rümi home protection plan sets your new home buyer up for success in their new space. Give your clients peace of mind, practical advice and homeowner support while they’re navigating the first year in a new home.

Ready to wow your client on your next closing date? Shop REALTOR® home protection plans.

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