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Becky Feasby with Jeffrey Riedl of Robert Pashuk Architecture.
Andrea Cox / For CREB®Now
Becky Feasby with Jeffrey Riedl of Robert Pashuk Architecture. Andrea Cox / For CREB®Now

Oct. 12, 2017 | Andrea Cox

The great indoors

Becky Feasby's Briar Hill home showcases natural and manmade beauty

When Becky Feasby and her husband Colin first laid eyes on their 1960s-era, two-storey home in Briar Hill, they knew they had to have it. It wasn't so much for the home, which was dark and in need of a major overhaul, but for the fantastic third-of-an-acre lot peppered with century-old trees. The couple thought that over time they would upgrade the home to suit the demands of their growing family – they have two teenage daughters – but when push came to shove, they realized that it would be more economically feasible to rebuild. They hired architect and designer Jeffrey Riedl of Robert Pashuk Architecture to help them with the project. The result was a light and bright contemporary farmhouse design. Dressed in wood and accented with metal, the home makes a statement and provides the family with a comfortable, functional and family friendly space with an indoor-outdoor vibe that is perfect for entertaining.

CREB®Now: How did you choose a designer for the project?

Becky Feasby: We had friends that had commissioned Jeffrey Riedl of Robert Pashuk Architecture and they really loved working with him and what he had done with their home. When I met him, we just clicked. He is super calm, which I like and value, and that was key for me. He is smart and a good listener and our ideas really meshed. I would say, "I want this in the house," and he would say, "I'm sure I can find something really cool just like that." We worked really well together.

CREB®Now: What were some of the "must haves" in your new home?

Andrea Cox / For CREB®Now

Becky Feasby: I really wanted to blend the indoors with the outdoors. This property is phenomenal, with all the old trees, and I wanted the whole corner of the back of the home to open up to the outside. So, we added a folding glass wall along the entire length of each side of the home. As soon as it gets to be 10 or 12 degrees, we open it up, the inside becomes the outside and it all just flows into one space.

We are always having people over for drinks or meals. I cook and the kids cook, so it was important to have a big, long island and a colourful stove (it's jade green). I also really wanted octagonal tiles in the kitchen with grey grout.

There had to be light everywhere. The original home was so dark. I also wanted the home to have lots of layers and interest. Jeff created different levels and ceiling heights, so that all the spaces interconnect, tell a story and revolve around the central staircase.

I also really like the minimalist design, with the flat ceiling, stainless steel appliances and smart thermostat. It picks up the temperature in the room and adjusts it.

CREB®Now: The front door is spectacular. Can you talk about the inspiration behind it?

Becky Feasby: There were a few things. I wanted a big door and I wanted it to be a cool feature. So, we created this huge door – it's five feet by almost seven feet and made from hot-rolled steel that pivots and spins on a rod. The funny thing is that I kept ordering food and the delivery driver couldn't figure out where the door was, but it was the biggest door on the block. Then I hung a wreath on it and now everyone knows that it's the door. It's like a piece of art.

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