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Feb. 06, 2013 | CREBNow

Test Your Knowledge: Peace Bridge

Almost a year after officially opening, Calgary's Peace Bridge has been recognized by two publications for its design. In late December, online magazine designboom ranked the bridge as the number six of the world's top 10 public spaces of 2012 and more recently the contemporary architecture magazine AZURE rated the Peace Bridge third in naming the top ten architectural projects of 2012. How much do you know about Calgary's newest bridge?

1. When did the Peace Bridge officially open to the public?
a. March 24, 2012
b. April 13, 2012
c. Feb. 23, 2012
d. Jan. 18, 2012

2. According to recent City traffic counts how many people use the Peace Bridge each day?
a. 2,000
b. 4,000
c. 6,000
d. 8,000

3. The Peace Bridge adds to the structures linking downtown Calgary to the rest of the city. How many new residents are expected to live downtown by 2035?
a. 15,000
b. 30,000
c. 40,000
d. 50,000

4. How much did the Peace Bridge cost to construct?
a. $10 million
b. $15 million
c. $20 million
d. $25 million

5. The Peace Bridge was listed along with what other Calgary architecture in Azure Magazine's Top 10 Projects of 2012?
a. Eighth Avenue Place
b. The Bow Building
c. Heritage Park
d. The Calgary Tower

6. How long is the Peace Bridge?
a. 130-metres
b. 100-metres
c. 95-metres
d. 80-metres

7. How much does the Peace Bridge weigh?
a. 950 metric tonnes
b. 1,050 metric tonnes
c. 1,200 metric tonnes
d. 1,340 metric tonnes

8.What materials were used in the construction of the Peace Bridge?
a. Structural painted steel
b. Glass fibre rebar
c. Stainless steel
d. All of the above

9. The bridge is designed to withstand Calgary's one-in-100-year flood cycle
a. True
b. False

10. What is the minimum life span of the Peace Bridge?
a. 20 years
b. 50 years
c. 75 years
d. 100 years

11. How wide is the Peace Bridge?
a. 4.5 metres
b. 5.2 metres
c. 6.2 metres
d. 7 metres

12. The Peace Bridge was designed by what architect?
a. Santiago Calatrava
b. Gustave Eiffel
c. William F. Lamb
d. Frank Lloyd Wright


Answers: 1.a 2.c 3.c 4.d 5.b 6.a 7.b 8.d 9.a 10.c 11.c 12.a

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