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Nov. 27, 2015 | CREBNow

Council votes to change secondary suite regulations

Relaxation on lot size, floor space

It's going to be a little easier for Calgarians looking to add a legal secondary suite to their property.

In the latest development in the ongoing secondary suite saga, council has voted to relax the regulations on lot size and increase the amount of floor space allowed in the suites. The change was initiated by councillors Andre Chabot and Gian-Carlo Carra, who brought forward a motion to change the regulations.

Under the new rules, homes zoned R-C1Ls, R-C1s and R-1s will have the minimum lot width removed altogether while homes zoned R-C1N, R-C2, R-1N and R-2 l will see the minimum lot width reduced to nine metres.

The changes will also increase the maximum size on basement suites from 75 to 100 square metres.

In September the City launched an 18-month development permit, making it less expensive, faster and easier for homeowners to develop a legal and safe secondary suite. The permit application and fee is being waived for properties that currently have the proper zoning to allow suites and meet all the requirements of the land-use bylaw.

To find out if your property is a candidate for the development permit exemption or to learn more about eligibility requirements, visit or call 403-268-5311.

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