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Sept. 19, 2012 | CREBNow

Living Net-Zero in Calgary

Net zero living is a dream that has become reality for interested Calgary homeowners.

Partnering with Brookfield Residential properties, Landmark Homes has opened their first net zero energy, production-oriented suburban showhome to the public in the community of Cranston. A net zero home is one that produces as much energy as it uses. Energy is stored via solar power of the summer, and then used to heat the home throughout the winter.

"It is a typical suburban two-storey house," said Stuart Wen, Landmark Homes marketing co-ordinator. "We did that on purpose because if anybody mentions a form of eco-house or green house, people tend to think unique architecture and some people are actually a little intimidated by that so we made great efforts to take that intimidation factor away."

Because the net zero showhome looks like your typical single-family home and to emphasize the green living additions, Landmark has turned the basement of the showhome into a showcase of all the green amenities the home includes.

The basement showcase includes examples of the home's triple paned windows which are 225 per cent more efficient than dual paned windows; spray foam insulation which is more effective than fiberglass batt and a Heat Recovery Ventilator.

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Throughout the showhome, signs point out features such as low flow faucets, showerheads and toilets and Energystar® appliances.

"The Landmark Group of Builders, which is the parent organization for Landmark Homes here in Calgary, our entire corporate goal is to revolutionize how the industry builds homes and we know that energy efficiency and green building is the future trend and what we are doing is getting on board earlier," said Wen.

"It's also done because we understand that for the benefit of our homeowners and our own families we want to do something for the environment. Now, by living in this house you're actually saving about six or seventonnes of carbon dioxide per year."

The Landmark project will include nine net zero homes as well as 18 Energreen Homes in Cranston. Wen explained Energreen homes will not reach net zero status but are "extremely energy efficient in their own right" and will save owners anywhere from 30 to 50 per cent off their utilities. All 27 homes will be capable of generating electricity through solar PV panels that may allow homeowners to produce as much electricity as they consume annually. As well, all homes will achieve Built Green Platinum status.

Other energy efficient communities around Calgary include Echo Haven in the northwest and Drake Landing in nearby Okotoks.

What are your thoughts on the net-zero home? Would you seek one out to buy on your next home purchase?

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