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April 21, 2016 | Giselle Wedemire

Short haul

Tips on how to minimize your carbon footprint when moving

Between packing boxes and hauling all of your earthly possessions, moving can be a real drag – especially on the environment.

From fuel emissions to cardboard boxes, the carbon footprint that comes with moving can be tremendous, said Zach Williams, digital marketing manager at Highland Moving & Storage Ltd., which operates Calgary's eco-friendly movers Frogbox.

Luckily, Williams said green moving is a growing market thanks to the public's increased awareness of the issue of climate change.

One way Williams recommends Calgarians go green while moving is to swap out traditional cardboard boxes for reusable plastic moving boxes like the ones provided by Frogbox. These eco-friendly boxes can be reused hundreds of times before being recycled, as opposed to the one to two uses that comprise the average lifespan of cardboard boxes.
"Try to maximize your loads, be prepared, plan ahead, and fit as much as possible into your moving truck."

Looking for other ways to go green while moving? Here are three more tips from Williams.

1. Take as few trips as possible if you go the do-it-yourself route. Williams advises movers to "try to maximize your loads, be prepared, plan ahead, and fit as much as possible into your moving truck." This will save money, fuel and, hopefully, the environment.

2. Go with a professional mover, if your budget permits. Pros know how best to pack moving trucks while maximizing their limited space. This will allow you to take as few trips as possible, so you can focus on settling into your new place sooner.

3. Discard unwanted items properly by posting them – for sale or for free – on social media or sites such as Kijiji, or by donating them to your local charity or thrift store. "There's a use for everything," said
Williams. "There's always someone out there who will take these things off your hands – as long as it's not actual garbage."

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