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weird houses
weird houses

Feb. 29, 2024 | CREB

Weird things that will increase the value of a home

Having an exterior deck, energy-efficient doors, and high-tech appliances are common features that improve a home’s value. 

Yet, some simple, even peculiar things can add value to a property. From Starbucks to celebrity power, here are a few:

Address number

Believe it or not, the house address number can impact a home's value. When a home has lucky numbers, they tend to sell for more.

Many cultures have lucky numbers that symbolize positive traits. For example, in Chinese culture, eight is the luckiest number as it’s associated with wealth, prosperity, success and status. On the other hand, in Judaism, the number 18 signifies good luck.

A research study by Property Reporter showed that in the United Kingdom, odd-numbered houses are typically worth £30,258 (~44,000 CAD) more than those that are even-numbered.

The Starbucks effect

According to Canadian REALTOR® Tatiana Londono, properties close to a Starbucks statistically appreciate faster than those in other neighbourhoods.

The multi-billion-dollar coffee company has teams studying the demographics of an area and working closely with developers who have access to data about sales and growth potential of the areas.

This ensures that the locations they are opening will be a valuable investment for them.

Celebrity power

Whether it’s a mansion or a converted warehouse, if a famous person once lived in a home, it will be valued more at resale.

When celebrities live in a particular property or neighbourhood, other celebrities tend to be attracted to that property or neighbourhood, given there might be a certain level of privacy and exclusivity, adding more value to the home.

Tree-lined streets

Having healthy, beautifully lined trees flourishing on the street is another sign that a home’s value can increase. Vegetation adds vibrancy to a community and contributes to positive mental well-being.

Did you know? The City of Calgary provides trees at no cost through its Branching Out program. Applications open in the Spring.

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