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Winterize your home
Winterize your home

Nov. 30, 2023 | CREB

Five tips on how to winter-proof your home

While it is considered the most wonderful time of the year, winter comes with a variety of risks. Therefore, we have some home maintenance tips so you can prepare and keep your property safe during the rough, wintry weather.

1. Tune up your heating system

Your heating system will be busy working this season, so ensure it stays in top condition by scheduling a professional heating inspection.

During the coldest months, furnace fans work to pull in a lot of air filled with dust and dirt. Therefore, we recommend changing out the HVAC filter halfway through the winter to avoid a reduction in airflow and overworking your furnace.

2. Seal windows and doors

Leaks around windows and doors cause heat loss and increase energy costs. To avoid this, consider replacing or adding caulk to outside windows, door frames, crevices, or any place where heat escapes. Choose an exterior caulk made for colder temperatures, as cold-weather caulks can adjust to temperature changes without cracking.

You can use a lit candle to find drafts around the house or invest in an electronic heat detector. 

3. Clean your gutters

If you haven’t done so, this is your sign! Calgary gets a lot of snow, and your home has to carry that additional weight. If your gutters get too heavy, they could be pulled from your home.

Additionally, your home risks getting water damage from the snow and ice that melt and refreeze overnight. This could cost thousands of dollars, so ensure the water has an escape route when it melts to avoid damage.

4. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

This winter, take care of your detectors by keeping them free of dust or debris clogging their vents. Also, ensure the alarms work by pressing the "test" button. If the alarm doesn’t sound, the unit is either broken, expired, or needs a new battery.

You can look for the detectors’ expiration date on the sticker or the manufacturing date inside the units. Please know that all smoke detectors expire and should be replaced after ten years. 

5. Cut back tree branches

The beautiful trees on your property can be damaged by winter storms as the heavy ice and winds cause the limbs to break.

To be safe, keep branches trimmed away from powerlines and the roof, and consider getting a professional arborist to check the health of your trees.

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