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Interior Design Trends 2024
Interior Design Trends 2024

Jan. 02, 2024 | CREB

Interior design trends shaping homes this 2024

Are you buying a new home or thinking about renovating? Check out the upcoming trends that will elevate your home and transform it into your dream space this year.

Earthy tones

Interior designers and homeowners are choosing warmer hues to inject character into their spaces. In an interview with Yahoo Canada, interior designer Audrey Scheck said there’s an upward trend in an earth-toned color palette of muddy green, burgundy, creamy whites, and shades of brown.

She said that this colour selection will be extending beyond walls and onto other surfaces and materials around the home, including cabinetry, decor, and textiles. 

Curvy elements

Perfect lines are making their way out as interior designers and artisans embrace curvatures, softer shapes and organic forms.
An example of this trend is the curvy and warm Biedermeier furniture and how it has recently become more present in households as people choose it as a statement piece. 

Going vintage

People are responding to the current landscape of mass production of objects by selecting ones that are made with consideration and care. 
Therefore, the demand for handmade, heirloom, antique, and vintage items will only increase as individuals appreciate their uniqueness and their vivacious elements that uplift any space. 

Luminous spaces

This year, high-tech lighting will only become more popular as the technology makes it easy for us to customize the lights in our beloved spaces.
Companies such as Philips and AiSPiRE offer a variety of products to enhance interior LED lighting.

Through high-tech lighting, we can illuminate a room as if there was natural sunlight during a gloomy day. We can also program light bulbs to change the light temperature – all through an app. 

The easiness and inexpensiveness of these tools will allow people to transform and elevate their spaces one light at a time.  


We’re saying goodbye to the minimalism era as interior designers see 2024 as the resurge of maximalism. 

Through the combination of bold colours, statement furniture, and an expansive selection of textures, individuals can embrace their inner artists at home and create vibrant and dreamy spaces.  


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