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Courtesy Joel Klassen
Courtesy Joel Klassen

Oct. 05, 2018 | Natalie Noble

Four ways to add vintage design to your home

Alykhan Velji. Courtesy Alykhan Velji Designs

Bringing vintage or retro design into the home can be a fun way to add style and personality.

"Incorporating vintage or retro elements in design is very on trend right now," said Alykhan Velji of Alykhan Velji Designs. "The great thing about adding such pieces in your design is that they add character and make your home feel curated and less like a showhome."

Velji suggests selecting vintage pieces that are high quality, well designed and will work well when mixed in with other pieces. "This makes them perfect for modern or transitional interiors," he said.

"The key to getting it right is all about using restraint – using these elements in small doses and in areas of interest in your home so they make the most impact."

He cautions that while vintage finds can be great, too many objects and furniture pieces might make your space look cluttered. "Be picky, and only select pieces that are standouts," he said.

Here are four ways to embrace the vintage trend in your own home:

  1. Vintage rugs
    "Using vintage rugs in interiors really helps to create a gorgeous layered look," said Velji. "The vintage quality of rugs helps to add richness and depth to interiors.

    Courtesy Joel Klassen

  2. Pattern Play
    "It is great to play with patterns through fabrics, artwork and furniture," said Velji. "Mix up the patterns and styles of furniture for added interest in a room."

    Courtesy Joel Klassen

  3. Wood textures
    "When mixed with more modern pieces, these pieces can really shine. Wood textures can even come from the species of wood. With vintage pieces, you often see walnut, oak and teak being used and these have such a great patina on their own," said Velji.

    Courtesy Joel Klassen

  4. Sculptural elements
    "Being an avid vintage shopper, you often come across amazing brass or ceramic sculptures, and these are so fantastic to incorporate into your home décor," said Velji.

    Courtesy Joel Klassen

There are several places to seek out amazing vintage finds around Calgary and online. Some of Velji's favourites include Calgary's Reclaim to Fame and Louche Milieu, and Tipsy Palm and It's Vintage yyc online.

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