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March 14, 2016 | Rachel Naud

Spring into seasonal decor

Five ways to decorate your home for spring

There's a reason we get a little spring in our step come March. After a long, dreary, cold winter, the days are getting longer and sunnier, giving us a glimpse of warm days to come.

Not only does this make us shed the heavy layers of our wardrobe, but it also inspires us to lighten up our decor at home.

"I think a lot of us get an itch toward the end of a long dark winter to see some colour and life," said Tracy Wharton, owner and principal designer of Dovecote Design Studio in Calgary.

"It's nice to switch from the cosy decor of winter to something airy and fresh so our indoor environment mimics what we see outside."

If you're like most homeowners, you probably have rooms in various shades of greys and greige, which is homey for winter. However, these shades are actually the perfect backdrop in which to adds pops of spring colour, so there's no need to repaint your home for the season, said Wharton.

"I see a lot of my clients moving toward grey as a neutral in their home. It's a great backdrop for all kinds of accent colours," she said.
"I love bold hits of colour and introducing patterns like florals mixed with geometrics."

"Some of my personal favourites are turquoise or a softer robin's egg blue. I tend to gravitate to watery colours in the blue and green range, but I also like to pop in some vibrant pink, just use it sparingly. Yellow can also add that 'wow' factor with grey and it feels sunny and lifts the space."

When it comes to incorporating brighter colours into your decor, a few accessories can go a long way, said Alykhan Velji, principal designer at Alykhan Velji Designs in Calgary.

"New lamps, accent cushions and smaller accessories will really help to add injections of colour into a space," he said, adding decorating for spring is all about colour and pattern. "I love bold hits of colour and introducing patterns like florals mixed with geometrics."

Wharton said adding some elements from outside into our homes is another way to decorate for spring.

"Add a big vase of pussy willows to your room," she said. "You can go really big with this and put it on the floor with an arrangement that's four to five feet tall, or a smaller, but still dramatic arrangement on a table."

Wharton, herself, collects items from the outdoors and gives them a place of honour in her home.

"I have an abandoned bird's nest my grandmother found in her garden that sits under a glass cloche in my living room," she said. "It's springy, and it's also sentimental. Your home should be personal."

Need more ideas to inspire your spring decor? Here are Wharton's and Velji's top five tips:

Toss your throws: "As I move from knits and even fuzzy textured winter throws and cushions, I like to use pillows with sheen and colour for spring and summer," said Wharton. "Cotton and linen are great."

Get organized: "Declutter and simplify," said Wharton. "Little things like moving your furniture out from the wall a few inches makes the room feel bigger and like there's space. Somehow that makes a room feel like it can breathe."

Get spring cleaning: "I find books and magazines pile up in my house and I get so I can't even see them anymore," said Wharton. "In spring, I try and pay attention to those little piles of things that accumulate and put them away or get rid of them. If you clear off your surfaces, you have room to create a vignette. It doesn't have to be fancy. Look around your home and in drawers for items you love but never found a place for and take the time to display them and enjoy them."

Throw some shade: To your lamps that is. "New table lamps can make a world of difference," said Velji. "Think about a sculptural base with a coloured shade."

Stop and smell the flowers: And then bring them into your home. "Fresh flowers are a great way to add some spring flavour to your space," said Velji. "Tulips and hydrangeas are my favourites."

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