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Ways to love your home
Ways to love your home

Feb. 02, 2023 |

Show your home some love

What better excuse to practice some self-love than Valentine’s Day?  

Here are some sweet ways to love your home so it loves you back. Sometimes being happy with your house isn't about making big changes; it's about learning to appreciate the little things.

Choose 10 things
Donate them, throw them away, or repurpose them. It’s easy for stuff to pile up but if you grab a bag and walk through the house it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to find 10 things that you either don’t love, don’t use, or are broken and not worth fixing. 

Pick one spot that you use the most and rearrange it to work better for you. When we rearrange our homes, they look and feel new and fresh.

Add a plant or flowers

Fresh flowers might be too expensive to do all the time, but a nice little mint plant growing in the kitchen or some beautiful succulents out on the porch can breathe some life into your home. Check out some foolproof house plants that we recommend. 

Light it up
Inside the home, lighting does so much more than help you see. The right lighting can improve your mood, create the perfect atmosphere and highlight all the features of your home that you love the most. Rooms feel bigger, more grown up, and have better ambiance if you add and utilize your lighting. Check out this article if you need some ideas. 


Frequent a local thrift store
You never know what you’ll find and when you venture into a thrift store - and it’s affordable. You can often find paintings, pottery, lamps, and small accessories to decorate your home. 


Add some art 
If you’ve been afraid to hang art, now’s the time. A space becomes a home when there is stuff on the walls. You can also rearrange your artwork to create a new feeling in the house. If you’re looking for some advice on choosing the right art piece check out this article.


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