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Sept. 19, 2013 | CREBNow

Repairing Calgary's Pathways

After significant flood damage, 57 kilometres of Calgary pathways — of the 93 affected — have been reopened in just over two months.

While progress has been made, the 36 remaining kilometres of about 25 sections of pathway will take time to repair due to environmental and landownership considerations. "Calgarians value their pathways," said Todd Reichardt, Parks manager. "We recognize alternate routes add time to commutes and the impacts closed pathways have on recreational users. Be assured we are working to minimize these inconveniences as much as possible."

In some cases where land has been washed away and riverbanks require reconstruction, regulatory approval from both provincial and federal governments must be obtained prior to performing work. Also, certain work around rivers can only be performed during "fish windows" to protect fish habitat from further impacts.

"The current fish window is rapidly coming to an end and the next window won't open until April," said Reichardt. "Throughout the fall and winter, we will seek approval from the appropriate authorities so that in-stream work can resume once the fish window opens again."

Pathways impacted by the flood remain closed at this time and the public is reminded to obey all closure signs and leave signs in place. For more information visit

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