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Aug. 26, 2020 | Tyler Difley

Four must-listen Canadian podcasts for beginner and veteran real estate investors

Whether you want to try your hand at real estate investing for the first time or you already own multiple properties, there's always room to learn new strategies and insights that could make you more successful. If you are looking to up your investment game, these four podcasts are a great place to start.

Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast

Host(s): Real estate agents and investors Rob Break and Sandy MacKay

Focus: "To inspire you and help you breakthrough to the life that you want to live, through the power of real estate investing!"

An episode to get you started:

Episode 117 – Becoming a full-time real estate investor and how you can do it too with Alex Pal

The Your Life! Your Terms! Show

Host(s): Investors and Rock Star Real Estate founders Nick and Tom Karadza

Focus: "Real estate, business building, the economy, nutrition, fitness and anything else to help us all live life on our own terms."

An episode to get you started:

Episode 150 – Tom & Nick: Headlines, CMHC, Real Estate Resilience, Debt Levels & Hard Money

Where Should I Invest? Real Estate Investing

Host(s): Real estate investor, speaker and coach Sarah Larbi

Focus: "Where Should I Invest talks to real estate investors and experts about their investing strategies in towns and cities across Canada."

An episode to get you started:

Episode 107 – Strategies for successfully investing in college towns

Burn Your Mortgage Podcast

Host(s): Mortgage broker and author Sean Cooper

Focus: "You'll learn how to buy your dream home, enjoy mortgage-free financial freedom sooner through side hustle and frugal living, and live well while doing it no matter your financial situation."

An episode to get you started:

Episode 64 – Everything you wanted to know about being a successful landlord with Rachelle Berube of Landlord Rescue

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