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Sept. 16, 2015 | CREBNow

Q&A with Cardel Lifestyles

Cardel Lifestyles is enjoying a busy start to 2015. The multi-family builder has shovels in the ground at its new condo development in Auburn Bay, and recently opened new show suites in Sage Hill.

CREB®Now recently sat down with Brad Logel, sales and marketing manager for Cardel Lifestyles, to discuss everything from what's new with the company to how downsizers are shaping its business. Here's what he had to say:

CREB®Now:?What's new with Cardel Lifestyles?

Logel: We recently had the grand opening of five new condo show suites in northwest Calgary at Sage Place. We have started construction on our first condo building at Auburn Walk in southeast Calgary. We are about to release our townhomes at Cranston Ridge and our second building at Auburn Walk. Our company recently won the Homeowner Mark of Excellence for Alberta. This is awarded to the builder with the highest overall customer experience rating. This rating is based on customer surveys over a 13-month period. We also won the New Homebuyer's Choice Award earlier this year. Both of the awards are based on surveys done by Customer Insight and done for all Alberta New Home Warranty Builders and their new homeowners.

CREB®Now: Have you noticed a shift in buyer demographics now that boomers are starting to downsize?
logel Our condo developments have been proven very popular for people looking to right-size. While we've always had some boomer clients, we've noticed a higher number in the last three years or so.

CREB®Now: What are first-time buyers looking for when purchasing their first condo or townhome?

Logel: First-time purchasers, for the most part, are looking for the same things that are important to all other demographics. However, more specifically, they place a higher importance on a number of factors including walkability, convenience, ability to make a large number of design and product choices and they want to have a smaller footprint. Down payment and affordability is also very important for any first-time purchaser.

CREB®Now: ?How or will changes in Alberta to building code revisions that permit six storey wood-frame construction impact your future plans?

Logel: Six-storey wood-frame developments are being zoned in very specific areas, and presently we don't have any land parcels,` so it won't affect us too much in the short term. We prefer to
build four-story condo buildings and townhomes. However, if the right location came available, we would certainly consider six storey.

CREB®Now:?We've heard a lot of talk about "densification" from the City of Calgary lately. Why would growing up, not out, be attractive to buyers?

Logel: Growing up offers a convenient, affordable solution. People want to be able to live in a nice community where they can access most services quickly. They also need to be able to afford it. With new developable land getting scarcer and more expensive, it make sense to help people with a new condo in suburban Calgary. Condos are also more manageable and provide a level of lifestyle that purchasers are embracing. It allows people to spend more of their precious time enjoying life instead of mowing lawns, shoveling snow or cleaning out gutters.

CREB®Now:?Is Cardel Lifestyles using any green building technologies or techniques in its new condos or townhomes ?

Logel: We have a number of things that we do. Three examples are: our typical elevator has a regenerative drive that recovers up to 25 per cent of energy used; our windows have a low "e" coating, which reduces thermal transfer; and our appliances are Energy Star rated. Our development at Cranston Ridge has space set aside for a community garden so homeowers can grow their own food.
We are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to reduce our footprint and make it easier for our homeowners to do the same.

It should be noted that multi-family construction in and of itself is an environmentally proficient way of providing housing. Less construction material is required/wasted; and in the long term our buildings operate much more efficiently than a single family home due to the shared walls, roof, mechanical and other items..

CREB®Now:?What does the future look like for condo living in Calgary?

Logel: I think the future looks very bright. New master-planned communities are being designed with more condo developments than ever before. Most of these new locations have all the modern conveniences within walking distance and are easily accessible.

CREB®Now: What is your favourite thing to do in Calgary on a day off?

Logel: Go for a walk with my family.

CREB®Now: What, if anything, do you think is Calgary's best-kept secret?

Logel: Nose Creek and Fish Creek parks.

CREB®Now: What's your favourite room in your home and why?

Logel: My favourite room is the kitchen. It's a meeting place for the family and where the majority of entertaining happens when guests are over. It's also where people spend most of their time in the home.

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