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Courtesy Jamie Banfield Design
Courtesy Jamie Banfield Design

Jan. 10, 2020 | Andrea Cox

Jamie Banfield tackles common interior-design challenges at 2020 Calgary Renovation Show

Jamie Banfield

Whether it's creating a gorgeous new kitchen, rejigging a floor plan or creating a home from scratch, Vancouver-based interior designer Jamie Banfield is all about getting to know what makes his clients tick and translating that into a tangible design.

"Many of our clients are DIYers. They are immersed in the project, doing all the day-to-day stuff," said Banfield from his office and design studio in Port Moody, B.C. "That aspect of design is growing, and we really want to work with regular people who are wanting to achieve their goals and teach them how to think like a designer."

Banfield will be sharing his expertise at the Calgary Renovation Show, which runs from Jan. 17-19 at the BMO Centre.

He'll be chatting about trends in kitchen design and sharing insights about the latest colours, textures and materials for 2020.

"I'll be talking about cool solutions to some common design challenges, so that people can take these tidbits and also apply them to other rooms in their home," said Banfield.
"Instead of labelling a look that you love – for example, contemporary or traditional or farmhouse – think about the feeling that you want to achieve." - Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

One of the most important pieces in the renovation puzzle is the layout. It's the element that sets the tone for the entire aesthetic of the home.

"People walk into spaces and they don't really know why they feel good or bad, but it's all about the layout, the space planning," said Banfield, who likens a renovation to a dinner party.

"Renovating is like a recipe, an ingredient list. You are going to plan, work out a budget, decide when you want to have it and who is on the guest list. Are you bringing in catered staff? Are you doing it yourself or buying pre-made? If people can wrap their heads around that, then they will be able to translate it to a renovation."

Banfield fell in love with design as a teen. His father worked in construction and taught him about the trades, while his mom nurtured his artistic talent, giving him free rein to whip up vignettes in the family home.

Since then, he has experimented with every kind of DIY project imaginable, earned a design degree from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and has received several prestigious design awards.

With clients across North America and Europe, Banfield is well versed in what makes a beautiful home. He encourages clients to ditch labels, instead focusing on inspiration.
"Instead of labelling a look that you love – for example, contemporary or traditional or farmhouse – think about the feeling that you want to achieve," he said.

"Maybe you love going to the same coffee shop all the time – figure out why. Maybe it's because it makes you feel cozy or it makes you feel elated because you can put your glass down without a coaster. Those kinds of things will evolve into the design."

Banfield will be presenting at the Calgary Renovation Show's Main Stage on Friday, Jan. 17 at 3 p.m. and Saturday, Jan. 18 at 5 p.m.

For more information, or to buy tickets online and save $2, visit

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