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Andrea Cox / For CREB®Now
Andrea Cox / For CREB®Now

March 04, 2021 | Andrea Cox

Beltline combines historic charm with stunning new developments

The Beltline is a community experiencing a period of major transition – from the reconstruction of 17th Avenue S.W. to the reimagining of Victoria Park.

Through it all, the beauty and vibrancy of this inner-city neighbourhood just seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

Almost 22,000 people of all ages live here, attracted by its stunning scenery – a synthesis of historical architecture and glistening, contemporary skyscrapers – and abundant restaurants, bars and shops.

"What's not to love about the Beltline?" said Carmen Saddy, who gravitated to the community five years ago as a new university graduate. "17th Avenue is a bit of a gong show with all of the construction right now, but it is still fantastic. I love just being able to step outside and walk half a block and be right in the action, sipping a latte at Analog or out on the patio at Trolley 5."
"I love just being able to step outside and walk half a block and be right in the action, sipping a latte at Analog or out on the patio at Trolley 5." - Carmen Saddy, Beltline resident

While Connaught, the western portion of the community, has a long history and strong identity, Victoria Park, nestled on the community's eastern edge, has only recently begun to experience its own little renaissance.

It's a resurgence sparked by some landmark developments, including Park Point, a 34-storey condominium tower by Vancouver developer Qualex-Landmark that spills onto Central Memorial Park. The beautifully landscaped park is home to colourful blooms and sparkling fountains, while its southeastern edge houses the historic, sandstone Memorial Park Library.

A few blocks to the east of Central Memorial Park, change is also in motion, thanks to a partnership between the City of Calgary and the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), the developer behind the East Village. The partners recently unveiled a draft master plan for Victoria Park, which includes expanded densification and a bustling entertainment district.

The plan, designed by Denver-based Civitas and Calgary's Gibbs Gage Architects, articulates the big gestures from an urban planning perspective, leaving ample room for fine-tuning. CMLC has committed approximately $150 million to infrastructure and place making initiatives.

Top Attractions

  • The iconic Saddledome and Stampede Park.

  • Countless examples of historic architecture, including Lougheed House, Victoria Park School and Memorial Park Library.

  • A variety of popular restaurants and cafes, including the Beltliner, Ten Foot Henry, Una Pizza + Wine, Analog Coffee, Red's Diner and Pigeonhole.

Fun Fact

  • The Boer War Monument in Central Memorial Park was sculpted by Quebec artist Louis Philippe Herbert and unveiled in 1914. It has been described as one of the four finest equestrian statues in the world.

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