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June 10, 2014 | CREBNow

In quotes: Hancock and Nenshi

Alberta Premier Dave Hancock and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi addressed media today concerning flood erosion, recovery and mitigation projects completed or underway in the city.

Here are some quotes from the scrum:
Premier Dave Hancock

"I had the opportunity to tour by helicopter 24 sites, including flying over Calgary yesterday, to see a lot of the work that's happened since [the flood], a lot of the erosion control, the significant projects that have engaged here in Calgary and elsewhere, a lot more work to be done, some big mitigation projects that are moving along, the new commitment yesterday to the$325 million to continue with erosion control and other mitigation type projects, working with municipalities as our partners to make sure the work gets done."

"Recovery takes a long time and it's a continuous effort, a continuing partnership, and important that Calgarians and all Albertans know that we continue to work together on this. We've made some great progress, we went through the immediate response, we moved into the recovery phase. We're still working hard to make sure that individuals have the opportunity to reclaim their lives to move forward and that communities have the ability to feel  safe."

" We can't ever totally predict what's going to happen so we have to actually use our best efforts to understand what might happen and how we can best mitigate that and we're working strongly to do that."

Mayor Naheed Nenshi

"I have to say that from the City of Calgary's perspective we have received so much support in our recovery and resilience from the provincial government."

"Flood repair, mitigation and preparation remain major priorities for the City of Calgary now and into the future. The City identified 50 projects addressing river flood erosion that would provide the most protection against potential floodign, while the provincial government builds the long-term upstream major flood mitigation projects that will further protect Calgary and southern Alberta." (In a release)

Read more on the Premier's visit in this Friday's edition of the CREBNow real estate news.


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