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Courtesy Indus Homes Inc.
Courtesy Indus Homes Inc.

Feb. 28, 2020 | Geoff Geddes

The beauty of the bungalow: a humble home style with big benefits

If you feel that stairs are overrated and basements are underused, a bungalow might be your ideal home style. Apart from the added convenience single-level living provides for those with mobility issues, bungalows offer flexible living arrangements and definite "aging in place" potential.

"Remember that while a two-storey house with 2,000 square feet is comprised of two levels with 1,000 square feet each, the same-sized bungalow gives you twice the space, as both the main floor and basement are 2,000 square feet," said Heather Dougall, an agent with Royal LePage Benchmark in Calgary who works with both new-build and resale bungalow listings.

The extra space could accommodate teenagers, aunts, uncles or older parents who want to stay close to their children. The lack of an upstairs is also appealing to some younger buyers who wish to make a bungalow their "forever home."

"The average age for leaving your home in Calgary is 87, and a lot of people stay there until their 90s," said Dougall.

When you finally go to sell, you're often in a better position than other homeowners, since the amount of land required for bungalows makes them rare commodities in new neighborhoods. Larger lots mean more space between you and potentially nosy neighbours, giving you greater privacy and even the option for a larger garden if you're so inclined.
"Avoiding stairs seems to be a high priority for people from a range of age groups, so that's really been our focus in the Lakes of Muirfield." - Umar Rahman, Indus Homes Inc.

Bungalow owners are also well set when it comes time to expand the home, as there is more room to move outward and still stay within property boundaries.

For buyers with a budget in the under-$600,000 range, the cost of many Calgary bungalows might place them out of reach, thanks to the larger lot and the fact that double the concrete is needed to build them compared to a two-storey design.

However, there are bungalows available at the lower price points in areas just outside of Calgary, such as the Lakes of Muirfield development in Lyalta, about 30 minutes east of the city limits.

"Avoiding stairs seems to be a high priority for people from a range of age groups, so that's really been our focus in the Lakes of Muirfield," said Umar Rahman, general manager of Indus Homes Inc.

"We've even had young parents with preteen kids who just like the more open style, the ability to keep a close eye on the children and the fact that everything they need is on one level. It's a point of convenience for many buyers."

When you can have fewer stairs to climb, fewer stares from the neighbours, and more space and convenience, what's not to love?

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