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One trend in the living room is integrating the space with the exterior, say housing officials. Photo courtesy Morrison Homes
One trend in the living room is integrating the space with the exterior, say housing officials. Photo courtesy Morrison Homes

Sept. 30, 2016 | Julie Anne Cleyn

Luxury by the room

Breaking down how it looks, from the inside out

When Jaime and Jocelyne Holland of Holland Design meet with their clients, they ask them not to design what their neighbours have in their homes.

"We ask them to instead think about how they live and what's important to them," said Jocelyne, partner and business development of the interior design company,

Added Jaime, partner in charge of design at the firm: "Real luxury is very personal and customized to the homeowner's lifestyle."

What does luxury look like in homes today? CREB®Now sat down with Jaime and Jocelyne, as well as Morrison Homes marketing director Sam Hudson, to break it down by room:

The Kitchen:

People are cooking more so the chef-style kitchen and appliances are on-trend, say Jaime and Jocelyne. Oversized islands are big, too. "Gathering with your family around your island is a huge conversation we have with every family," said Jocelyne.

The Dining Room:

In estate homes, architectural details are being used to define the space, said Hudson. For example, custom homebuilders have embellished the ceiling with decorative beams, wood planks or even wallpaper. "[It gives] it more of an elegant feel, more of a designer touch," he said. A large lighting fixture, such as a chandelier or a pendant lamp, accentuates the ceiling details.

staircase3 The front entry is where you have that sense of arrival, say housing officials. Photo courtesy Morrison Homes.

The Living Room:

One trend in the living room is integrating the space with the exterior, said Jaime. "You can open up your space to a beautiful deck or patio or pool." She also noted exterior moveable walls can open to the outside. Some homeowners choose to match the interior hardwood with the deck hardwood, giving the illusion the floor continues outdoors. The Hollands and Hudson also agree fireplaces are typical of a luxury living room. Hudson added an accent often surrounds them, like a wall feature in tile or wood or laminate finish.

The Front Entry:

"[The front entry] is where you have that sense of arrival," said Hudson. It can be two storeys, which gives it grandeur. Popular features could include an impact light fixture, such as a chandelier, an eight-foot front door or an open-rise staircase (the type of staircase where there is no board at the back of each step; you can see through the stairs).

The Master Bedroom:

Bigger is not always better when it comes to the master bedroom, said Jaime. "It's one of the most underutilized spaces of a home if you're working with how to allocate square footage," she said. Instead, people are paying attention to the linens and the bedding. "How you feel when you sleep is a really important part of a bedroom," said Jaime. For a luxury closet, though "size matters," said Hudson. "In some walk-in closets, you might even have an island in the middle for additional storage, or a seating area."

The En-suite:

A theme emerging in en-suite bathrooms is bringing the spa home with you, said Jaime. Outdoor saunas or steam rooms that connect to en-suites are definitely trending, she said.

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