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Small Balcony Big Style
Small Balcony Big Style

May 03, 2024 | CREB

Small balconies, big style

As the weather warms up, it’s time to enjoy the fresh air outside. Whether your balcony is a space designated for relaxation or BBQ time, gardening expert and author Donna Balzer has some ideas that will make it bloom in beauty. 

1. Cover the balcony floor

If you have old, tired outdoor rugs or a concrete balcony, laying outdoor floor decking can quickly change the ambiance.

Outdoor floor decking can be cut to size to fit your space. It doesn't need to be glued down, so it is easily lifted for winter or when you move. If your balcony is the same size as a woven plastic rug, skip the wood floor and buy a new area rug to cover the existing surface.

A colourful rug on a deck  White chair placed on a balcony with wooden floor with a tall plant on the background  A yellow rug with white arrows on it

                                                        IKEA                                                  Wayfair

2. Minimize furniture

A single, large, comfortable chair with bright cushions can make your balcony space inviting and vibrant.

But if two people are juggling for the outdoor space, add a second chair. You can opt to buy plastic wicker chairs with "sunbrella" fabric cushions, so they comfortably survive the seasons when left outside.

A glass door with a table and chairs and a plant  A summery chair and  a colourful rug on a balcony  with plants  A dark chair and a table on a balcony

                     IKEA                                      Balcony Decoration                                  LIVSPACE

3. Add green

If permitted, you can add containers to the edge of the balcony rail to give more planting space. Fabric containers, such as Root Pouch Saddle Bags, simply hang over your railing. Selecting a colour-coordinated pot or small group of pots to sit on the balcony "floor" can tie together the ground elements.

Alternatively, a single larger pot is more dramatic and easier to care for. Put each floor pot in a tray to prevent water dripping on your new deck or the balcony below.

A group of plants in Root Pouch Saddle Bags  A gray rug lays on a balcony on a sunny day  A small balcony with a tray of drinks and a green BBQ

     Green House Megastore                             Cuckooland                                         Pinterest

4. Get crafty

Find an old picture frame, paint it with lively colours, or install a mirror or mosaic with a mirror-tile image inside it. This will reflect more light into the small patio garden and look like a window into a bigger space.

A wall with plants in colourful pots and random, fun pictures on it  A balcony with a chair and a table and yellow decorative frames in the background  A wall with various objects of different colours, sizes and patterns on it

             Pinterest                                             Design Cafe                                     Times Property

5. Add the finishing touches

Finish the area landscape with old or repurposed materials, such as wooden wine crates beside or just below your mirror to display decorator items. Candles, empty planting pots, interesting antique finds or hanging lights keep the area interesting and fun.

Finishing a small balcony with coordinated and colourful furnishings adds space to an otherwise tiny apartment. Get started expanding your space and creating beauty on the balcony today!

A small balcony with a table, chairs and hanging lights  A balcony with plants and a table with plants and lights  A balcony with a chair with colourful cushions and flowers around

               Pinterest                                             Pinterest                                              Pinterest

Donna Balzer is an enthusiastic gardener and entertaining speaker. Check out her website at  or follow her on Instagram at @donna_balzer.

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